Pick-your-Flicker – 2011 Bream Grand Finals

Lureandfly.com will be running Pick-your-Flicker again, this time for the Bream, Bream Classic and Bream Kayak Grand Finals for 2011.  Nominate your picks for each of the three events, points will be allocated per event as per the rules page and the participant with the most amount of points after the three events will be the Pick-your-Flicker Grand Final Champion for the 2011.  Click on the links below to make your nominations

Pick-your-Flicker Daiwa-Hobie Kayak Bream Grand Final

Pick-your-Flicker Bream Classic Grand Final

Pick-your-Flicker Bream Grand Final

2 responses to “Pick-your-Flicker – 2011 Bream Grand Finals

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