ROUND 10 – Austackle Bribie Island BREAM Qualifier- QLD #2

Austackle Bribie Island BREAM Qualifier- QLD #2

Nominations open Monday 11th July and close 1700hrs EST Friday 15th July.

Go to Pick-your-Flicker for more details.

No Boater State Pro Non-Boater State Pro
1 Chris Britton QLD   Tom Slater QLD  
2 Anthony Wishey QLD   Scott Angel NSW  
3 Aaron Sharp QLD   Mat McFarlane QLD  
4 Steve Eldred QLD   Nathan Tuskes QLD  
5 Kris Hickson NSW   Richard Buczynsky QLD  
6 Tim Morgan QLD   Thomas Grey QLD  
7 Will Lee QLD   Gary Middleton QLD  
8 Steve Morgan QLD YES John Siggs QLD  
9 Kendall Soo QLD   Karl Rembacher QLD  
10 Craig Simmons QLD   Luke Slavin QLD  
11 Tristan Taylor QLD YES Tracey Mammen QLD  
12 Drew McGrath QLD   Andrew Williams NSW  
13 Robert Kwiatkowski QLD   Guy Struthers QLD  
14 Grayson Fong QLD   Phil Pluis QLD  
15 Peter Cashman QLD   Jonathan Thompson QLD  
16 Darryn Love QLD   Justin Thompson QLD  
17 Michael Maas QLD   Darren Painter QLD  
18 Tony Livermore QLD   Chris Maas QLD  
19 Steve Kanowski QLD   Darran  Ryan QLD  
20 Tony Thorley NSW   Robert Stewart QLD  
21 Jamie Ryan QLD   Matt Williams QLD  
22 Nabeel Issa QLD   Lex Court NSW  
23 Matt Finney NSW   Tony Moore QLD  
24 David McKenzie QLD   Ben Kingaby QLD  
25 Scott Corby QLD   Shane Wolhunter QLD  
26 Troy Whyte QLD   Heath Blaikie NSW  
27 Andrew Hughes QLD   Noel Awhy QLD  
28 Peter Herbst QLD   Mitchell Martens QLD  
29 Scott Butler QLD   Jayden Riggs QLD  
30 Russell Babekuhl NSW   Joshua Kirkness QLD  
31 Matt Fraser QLD   Shaun Chapman NSW  
32 Peter Leggett QLD   David Simmons QLD  

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