ROUND 11 – Strike Pro St Georges Basin BREAM Qualifer- NSW # 4

Strike Pro St Georges Basin BREAM Qualifer- NSW # 4

Nominations open Monday 1st August and close 1700hrs EST Friday 5th August.

Go to Pick-your-Flicker for more details.

Entry list current 04-8-2011

No Boater State Pro Non-Boater State Pro
1 Ian Miller NSW YES Vaughn Lewis NSW  
2 Chris Wright NSW   Nathan Leicht NSW  
3 Graham Franklin NSW YES Spare    
4 Kris Hickson NSW   Justin Sheather NSW  
5 Warren Carter VIC   Ryan Robinson NSW  
6 Shayne Gillett NSW   Steven Babic ACT  
7 Chris Gates NSW   Geoffrey Borg NSW  
8 Tom McLean NSW   Michael Tallis NSW  
9 Mark Mangold NSW   Tim Olsen NSW  
10 John Balcomb NSW   Peter Godfrey NSW  
11 Grant Kime NSW YES Andrew Williams NSW  
12 Steve Fields  NSW   Andrew Hamilton VIC  
13 Wayne Reed NSW   Glenn Hayter  NSW  
14 Steve Gill NSW   Phillip Nix  NSW  
15 Rob Warren VIC   Richie Constable  NSW  
16 Mitch Birt NSW   Alan Wilson  VIC  
17 Graeme Taylor VIC   Dean Pateman NSW  
18 Kevin Tormey VIC   Nathan McInnes NSW  
19 Greg Silva NSW   Nick Hamilton-Smith NSW  
20 Matt Leach VIC   Tony Neal NSW  
21 Shaun Clancy VIC   Brad Goyen NSW  
22 Steve Wheeler VIC   Rebecca Fazio NSW  
23 Mick Pressnell VIC   Lex Court NSW  
24 Craig Johnson NSW   Jason Mayberry NSW  
25 Mark Lennox  NSW   Dave Mann NSW  
26 Dave Welfare NSW YES Andrew Wallace NSW  
27 Nicholas Reay NSW   Robert Kneeshaw NSW  
28 Daniel Bray NSW   Darren Evans NSW  
29 Chris Seeto NSW   Bernard Kong NSW  
30 Daniel Brown NSW   Brady White NSW  
31 Wal Balzan NSW YES Jordan Trusty VIC  
32 Mark Pigram NSW   David Walmsley NSW  
33 Cameron Whittam VIC   Declan Betts VIC  
34 Steve Parker VIC   Daryl Hislop VIC  
35 Mick Skinner NSW   Ed Harrison NSW  
36 Wayne Robinson NSW   Stewart Dunn NSW  
37 Steve Nedeski NSW   Chris Ellis NSW  
38 Anthony Thorpe NSW   Rodney Thorpe NSW  
39 Ian Seeto NSW   Greg Stevens NSW  
40 Russell Babakuhl NSW   James Smith NSW  
41 Liam Curruthers NSW   Mark Hayes VIC  
42 Josh Carpenter NSW   Alan Loftus NSW  
43 Michael Laguzza NSW   Anthony Tedesco NSW  
44 Codie Stewart NSW        
45 Ross Cannizzaro NSW        

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