ROUND 06 – Ugly Fish Lake Macquarie BREAM Qualifier- NSW #1

ROUND 6 – Ugly Fish Lake Macquarie BREAM Qualifier- NSW #1

Nominations close 17oohrs EST Friday 29th April.

Go to Pick-your-Flicker for more details.

Current 21st April 2011.

Boater State Pro Non-Boater State Pro
Graham Franklin NSW YES Lex Court NSW  
Kris Hickson NSW   Vaughn Lewis NSW  
Gregg Flett NSW   Richie Constable NSW  
Mark Healey NSW   Steve Nedeski NSW  
Warwick Cregan NSW   Karen Scully NSW  
Steve Morgan QLD   Matt Babbage NSW  
Warren Carter VIC YES David Packham NSW  
Shayne Gillett NSW   Nathan Leicht NSW  
Wayne Reed NSW   Geoffrey Borg NSW  
Craig Simmons QLD   Tracey Mamman QLD  
Chris Gates NSW   Craig Ainsworth NSW  
James Ison NSW   Jonathan Thompson QLD  
Chris Britton QLD   Dave Harrington NSW  
David Gibson NSW   Andrew Williams NSW  
Kevin Attard NSW   Brett Castelli NSW  
Tom McLean NSW   Richard Booth NSW  
Mark Mangold NSW   Kris Leck NSW  
Steve Gill NSW   Justin Sheather NSW  
Daniel Frost NSW   Stephen Poole NSW  
Peter Macor NSW   Andrew Johnstone NSW  
Wayne Robinson NSW   Rodney Dowling NSW  
Mitch Birt NSW   Dion Bull NSW  
John Timbrell NSW   Jeffrey Esperitu NSW  
Codie Stewart NSW   Rhys Tiggermann NSW  
Greg Seeto NSW   Phil Nix NSW  
Chris Seeto NSW   Dean Pateman    
Ian Seeto NSW   Brad Dolman NSW  
Nick Lototzky NSW   Bernard Kong NSW  
Trent Fahey NSW   Alan McNamara NSW  
Adam Sczepaniak NSW   Nathan McInnes NSW  
Daniel Brown NSW   Dale Cameron NSW  
Anthony Thorpe NSW   James Smith NSW  
Nicholas Reay NSW   Rodney Thorpe NSW  
Ben Turbott NSW   Luke Novak NSW  
Tony Thorley NSW   Daniel Scott NSW  
      Mario Facciolli NSW  
Boater Needed     Daniel Tamsett NSW  
Boater Needed     Peter Messenger NSW  

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