ROUND 08 – Bassday Clarence River BREAM Super Series – NSW #2

ROUND 8 – Bassday Clarence River BREAM Super Series – NSW #2

Nominations open Monday 16th May and close 17oohrs EST Thursday 19th May.

Go to Pick-your-Flicker for more details.

Link to the live stream here – from 2PM EST Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

No Boater State Pro Non-Boater State Pro
1 Chris Britton QLD   Tom Slater QLD  
2 Anthony Wishey QLD   Lex Court NSW  
3 Steve Eldred QLD YES Scott Angel NSW  
4 Michael Starkey NSW YES Robert Blackeby NSW  
5 Kris Hickson NSW   Bradley Ramage NSW  
6 Steve Morgan QLD YES Rodney Dowling NSW  
7 Warren Carter VIC   Matt Williams QLD  
8 Shayne Gillett NSW   Geoffrey Borg NSW  
9 Craig Simmons QLD   Dale Mullins QLD  
10 Chris Gates NSW   Tracey Mammen QLD  
11 Tristan Taylor QLD YES Tony Moore QLD  
12 Mick Torley QLD   Nathan Tuskes QLD  
13 Matthew Finney NSW   Angus Collins QLD  
14 Peter Cashman QLD   Paul Dunlop NSW  
15 James Ison NSW   Glen Sturrock NSW  
16 John Balcomb NSW   Dave Harrington NSW  
17 Russell Babekuhl NSW   Heath Blaikie NSW  
18 Robert Kwiatkowski QLD   Arthur Hatzipetrou QLD  
19 John Timbrell NSW   Luke Cunningham QLD  
20 Tony Thorley NSW   Reece Luxton NSW  
21 Ian Seeto NSW   Scott Sutherland NSW  
22 Joseph Urquhart NSW   Nick Lototzky NSW  
23 Paul Gillespie NSW   Allan Rooks NSW  
24 Wayne Reed NSW   Anthony Duff NSW  
25 Joe Allan QLD   Greg Byrne NSW  
26 Mark Lennox NSW   Daniel Tamsett NSW  
27 Michael Maas QLD   James Smith NSW  
28 Shaun Chapman NSW   Chris Maas QLD  
29 Anthony Thorpe NSW   Chris Horne QLD  
30 Ian Baker QLD   Rodney Thorpe NSW  
31 Scott Corby QLD   David Packham NSW  
32 Mark Holman NSW   John Starkey NSW  
33 Daniel Brown NSW   Dean Pateman NSW  
34       Benjamin Pilcher NSW  
35       Brady White NSW  
36       Jack Dihm NSW  

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