The Crew

Ian & Chris with part of their 4kg day 3 Australian Open bag

The Seeto Brothers (Greg, Ian and Chris) have always devoted themselves to anything they have done. Fishing has always been a part of their lives, but it has recently become their all-consuming passion.

The first thing anyone will learn about the Seetos is that they are a family unit. Fishing to them is not an escape from family, it is something to bring the family together and seeing wives and kids at a tournament weigh-in is commonplace.

They are also some of the most approachable people on the tournament fishing scene – Chris once went missing from collecting his prizes on stage because he was too busy talking to a passer by about general fishing tactics.

“The Three Monkeys” Photo courtesy of Warren Keelan

Whilst they are very competitive on the water they also bring a very relaxed ambience and their jovial nature has led to industry people referring to them as the “Three Monkeys”.

Greg, the eldest and father of three, has fished the tournament trail for the last four years both as an individual and in a team and achieved many top ten finishes in that time.

Greg writes for a number of Australian Fishing Magazines and websites including Fishing Monthly and Fishing World Magazines.

He loves fishing with his kids, and has fished several tournaments with his 10 year old Daughter.

With qualifications as both an automotive mechanic and a marine mechanic, Ian is the resident DIY and maintenance guy, and is renowned for ‘tinkering’. Despite being the ‘Rev Head’ of the crew, lately Ian has been seen ditching his boat for the Hobie Pro Angler, as he claims it adds another aspect to the challenge of fishing.

Starting out fishing the teams style Bream tournaments, it wasn’t long before Ian decided to mix it with the big boys in the individual events.  With a knack of locating big fish, Ian on 4 separate occasions has brought the Big Bream to the scales at an ABT Tournament.

Chris, the youngest and affectionately known as “Boof”, is studying a Masters of Marketing at university. He also works in the family printing business with his parents. The same four years has also brought tournament success both individually and as Ian’s partner in team events.

A self confessed “Lure Junkie”, and it’s not uncommon for other anglers to call Chris to get his opinions on the latest lures.

Over the past year the three guys have donated 25% of their tournament cash winnings to the NSW Cancer Council.

Josh will chase anything that will put a bend in a rod

Josh Carpenter is a 33 year old full time fisho, working in the service department at Daiwa Australia as a service engineer by day, writing about fishing for both web based and print publications by night, and disappearing most weekends to actually go fishing.

Josh has been fishing seriously since he was a kid chasing whiting with his father on summer holidays, backpacking Central America with a fly rod in tow for Bonefish and a stint chasing Redfish while living on the Everglades and Ten Thousand Islands chain in Florida. Back in Australia for good now he enjoys the challenge of the ABT tournament scene.

These days a lot of his fishing time is split between Bream and Australian Bass but he will chase anything that will put a bend in a rod. Thinking outside the box is a big part of his focus and you can often see him in his new Ranger 354V trying to adapt US and Japanese techniques to Australian situations.

He met the Seeto brothers not long after moving to Sydney and found a lot in common with all three of them leading to the collaboration you see now.

Vicki Lear is a self confessed fish-a-holic and works as a real estate agent to support her habit.

Far from being a “one trick pony” she excels at many diverse styles of fishing from land based game fishing to offshore gamefishing. As well, she kicks most guys butts at Bream and Bass fishing.

5 responses to “The Crew

  1. Hi guys,

    Just thought I would drop in and give a big thumbs up to Ian. I was lucky enough to draw Ian as his observer during day two of the 2011 Australian Open. I was a little tired after spending most of the night driving to Sydney and struggled to get a good nights sleep in the back of my car. Have to say I had a ball chatting with Ian and watching him fish/gun his boat. Coming from a kayaking background I have a new found appreciation for warp speed, oh and for electric motors (And boat hulls I might add Ian).

    Congratulations on the top 10 placing Ian and big ups for the website. Reminds me how I first got started writing and archiving, all that information that tinkers around in your head shouldn’t go to waste. Drop into and have a look around, interesting the paralleled differences between boaters and kayakers during ABT styled sanctioned events (Little if any difference, vessel aside).

    Hope to see you at some of the SSBS events, if not after my recent observer experience I just might see you as a non-boater at an ABT event…

    Keep up the good work guys,

    Derek ‘Paffoh’ Steele

  2. Derek,

    It was a pleasure having you on board, your welcome anytime. Appreciate the kind words. It’s actually a really good feeling to think that I’m in a position to pass on knowledge other people find valuable and I hope that you will have more confidence fishing boat hulls now (even in the howling wind).


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  4. Hi guys I just wanted to let you know what a cracker job you’re all doing and the knowledge and information you give is inspirational and just confirms how good we’ve got it here.
    I recently fished a Gama round on the Georges where Chris had another amazing result and finished 2nd in the Kayak division and also took out big Bream for the day and by doing this he won himself a new Major Craft rod but due to his sponsorship, he kindly offered up his new rod which I was lucky to receive. These are the kind of people running this site and raising the bar for every Aussie fisho to aspire to.
    You’re a champion Chris and I’ll see you around and good luck in future comps:)
    Cheers Brad

  5. hey lure and fly crew love your report on the new product, im a big daiwa fanatic, wont use anything but daiwa. I love how daiwa australia rods are catching up to the jdm ones, price is afordable and part and repair just have to give daiwa a call. I usually buy my rods and reel straight from japan but after the realease of the new comander series i am looking forward to more rods coming out from our own back yard. Not having to spend $750 aud for a 1 – 3lb spin rod, rather spending $250 and getting the same quality.

    Thanks lure and fly + team daiwa australia for your great work, suporting us fishoholic with great gear to use.


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